Digital Store Assistant

ComeBy‘s Digital Store Assistant simplifies customer buying journeys, streamlines operations, and enhances staff productivity. Customers can learn, interact, and make purchases on their mobile devices, while staff receive alerts and valuable insights. It transforms retail stores into customer-centric destinations, driving satisfaction and business success.

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Benefits of Digital Store Assistant Tool

Increase revenue

Boost revenue by increasing footfall, basket size, and impulse purchases. Reduce cart abandonment for increased profits and sales success!

Increase satisfaction

Seamless visits, enhanced customer experience.

Brand differentiation

Stand out from your competitors by offering a unique shopper experience that your customers will remember.

Reduce costs

Automate tasks, reduce workload & cost, improve service.

Detailed analytics

Real-time and historical data for informed decisions and store success.

Innovative Promotion

Engage customers with innovative promotions.

How fast can I implement this?

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Connect Data Sources

Setup is a breeze. Just grant us access to your data sources, and our team handles the rest. Plus, our tool integrates smoothly with any internal or third-party source.

Setting up

Customize and Consolidate

Get a customized, comprehensive dashboard with advanced features and stunning visuals.

Set up and go

Setup and Go!

Simply print the codes and set them up around your store. You're all done! Tell your customers about the tool to get them started!

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