Insights Dashboard

Unleash the true potential of ComeBy‘s Insights Dashboard and witness the magic unfold as it merges data from diverse sources like the Digital Store Assistant, Footfall Tracker, and other third party data-points such as ERP & POS system unveiling valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Optimize operations, retain customers, and boost ROI with in-depth data on behavior, inventory, and customer feedback. Drive personalized experiences and elevate retail success.

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Benefits of Footfall Tracker​

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Customisable Dashboard & Widgets

Elevate your business with ComeBy's customizable Insights Dashboard. Set targets, take real-time actions, and visualize performance metrics with ease. Accessible on any device, it offers lightning-fast performance, flexible permissions, and customized reports. Start making data-driven decisions in minutes.

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API & full data access

Unleash your data's full potential with ComeBy's unlimited API and complete data access. Our user-friendly interface, API, and automated dashboards cater to executives and data scientists, enabling seamless data integration. Sync with your data warehouse for richer insights and faster book closing.

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AI-Generated Insights

Improve customer experience and retail excellence with ComeBy's AI-generated insights. Get alerts for long lines or wait times, manage store occupancy in real-time, proactively restock merchandise, and optimize staff and resources. Drive solutions based on reliable forecast trends and behavioral tendencies.

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