In-store Customer Tracking Software

In-store customer tracking is a powerful tool for retailers and store owners to gather data and gain valuable insights into shoppers’ behaviour within your stores.

With ComeBy, retailers can now collect a shopper’s pre-checkout behaviour details, like purchase preferences, in-store engagement, etc., to generate data for their retail analytics.

Makes it super easy for retailers to continuously optimise in-store sales by strategising merchandising and marketing or improving store layouts and product placement – thus increasing revenue!

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How does it work?

The in-store customer tracking device can pick up a customer’s phone signal as they walk into the store.

This makes it a cost-effective solution to help retailers make smarter data-based decisions by understanding shoppers’ in-store journeys and giving them what they need!

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Shopper tracking

ComeBy’s solution includes a real-time sensor system, a check-in device with a QR code reader at the store's entrance, and a processing system.

A unique customer tracking code is assigned to the shoppers when they enter the store, which then generates tracking data as they shop around.

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In-store customer journey

Tracks the shopper’s journey within the store - from their favourite sections, time spent, to the products they viewed or purchased.

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In-store retail analytics

Capture every aspect of the store: traffic, customer engagement efficiency, and conversion rates providing insights into your store’s performance.

Measure the shopper journey: pull factors, dwell time, engagement points, interaction points, conversion drivers, and exit points.

Customer experience management

With real-time information, sales assistants can know which shopper in which section needs help and assist them in making purchase decisions.

Store assistants are empowered with relevant shopper data in real time, enabling them to help shoppers while upselling and/or cross-selling their products.

Foot traffic data obtained from Heat Map or QR codes can help businesses identify in-store customer journey maps to strategise better on product placement, pricing, promotion and more.

In-store customer tracking helps retailers identify bottlenecks in the shopping process and take action to improve the customer experience within the store.

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