In-store Real-Time Digital Shopping Assistant Software

At Comeby, we provide digital customer service in real-time to simplify your customers’ complex buying journeys within the retail store.
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Benefits of In-store Digital Shopping Assistant

A virtual shopping assistant that knows your customer’s preferences and makes apt recommendations while helping them navigate around your store.
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Seamless shopping in-store

Enhance your customers’ real-time shopping experience at the physical store with a virtual assistant that answers queries on a product’s size, variant, and availability. Especially helpful for shoppers who prefer self-service or those who’ve done their online research before looking for the products in a store.

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Improve customer engagement

Gives your customers a personalised shopping experience, by offering recommendations or answering frequently asked questions about the products they’re considering.

Retailers can also automate some aspects of customer service to provide instant access to information, thereby reducing the wait time and making the buying process faster for shoppers.

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Cost savings

Reduced human interactions as the virtual assistant helps retailers save on labour costs while providing excellent customer service.

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Make shopper onboarding easier

Onboard customers effortlessly by providing personalised assistance, instant access to information, convenient shopping and easy checkout options. Gain new, long-time, and repeat customers!

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Increase revenue and growth

Notify your customers about new products, sales, discounts, and offers that may persuade them to buy more.

When a customer interacts with the in-store digital shopping assistant, behavioural information is collected and stored for future purposes. For example, the digital shopping assistant can learn shopper preferences and help assist with subsequent purchases.

The result- enhanced customer satisfaction, increased foot traffic within the store, more sales and revenues!

Service Features

Comeby’s in-store digital s assistant can be used with a mobile phone.

The dashboard has a simple interface that’s easy to navigate and comes with a clear choice of quick action tabs like ‘search in store’, ‘locate in store’, and ‘add to wish list’. Or request for immediate in-store assistance and get product information like stock, sizes, variations, etc.

Super easy and user-friendly!

All you need to do is scan the product barcode, and the information you need is right at your fingertips!

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