Analytics for in-store retail

Increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer experience with the most powerful AI solution on the market today.
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What ComeBy Does

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Automate your retail team, without an app!

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  • Unique, personalized self-serve shopping experience
  • Understand your shoppers and their preferences before approaching them
  • 15-minute setup – integrates with your existing systems and barcodes

Track shoppers outside, inside, and even at the shelves

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  • Understand capture rates, footfall, heatmaps, and dwell times
  • Accurate to 1 foot, fully GDPR-compliant
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Identify gaps in your store at a glance

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  • Track shoppers and optimize VM and layout ROI
  • Spot trends and predict shopper behavior to make better buys
  • Personalized remarketing to shoppers after they leave

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