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We can help you understand your customer behaviors and purchasing habits. Learn of untapped marketing opportunities within different areas of your retail store while building seamless customer experiences.

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Elevate in-store shopping experience.

Personalize shopping with interactive QR codes for seamless product discovery.

Data-driven insights for store owners

Unlock valuable retail insights with ComeBy.

Smarter restocking for buyers

Optimize inventory management with ComeBy.

Companion App for Sales Assistants

Improve staff efficiency and customer service with ComeBy.

Campaign insights for merchandisers

Optimize your store layout and product displays with unique retail metrics that track popular dwell zones and peak time periods, providing valuable insights for merchandisers.

Improved resource planning for store managers

Empower your retail team with real-time data-driven insights to increase sales and task efficiency.

Transform shopper data breadcrumbs into actionable insights.

Start making informed decisions
Designed for retail
Access a comprehensive and customizable dashboard with ComeBy, offering a wide range of retail metrics, advanced hierarchies, scheduled reports, multi-store capabilities, and other features to help you analyze and visualize your store’s data effectively.
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Boost frontline engagement
With the integration of barcodes and QR codes, our digital store assistant streamlines the shopping experience, allowing customers to effortlessly locate products, compare prices, and even try them on, resulting in a more convenient and efficient shopping process.
Improve shopper experience

ComeBy is a pocket retail assistant, that helps shoppers via QR codes and barcodes, essentially giving any store an Amazon-style retail experience.

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Our Integration Process

We integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

Step 1

Connect with your ERP / PoS / Footfall Tracker

Step 2

Generate your Digital Shopping Assistant.

Step 3

Setup QR codes across your store.

That’s it!
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