Engage in-store shoppers and increase sales

Unlock hidden insights about each individual in-store shopper, so that you can sell more effectively and efficiently

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Why ComeBy

Harness shopper insights with active and passive shopper tracking

ComeBy is a pocket retail assistant, that helps shoppers via QR codes and barcodes, essentially giving any store an Amazon-style retail experience.
Staff efficiency
ComeBy reduces the burden and reliance on store assistants, while improving the efficiency of SAs by empowering them with relevant shopper data in real time.
ComeBy captures passive heatmap data and analyzes it together with the QR scan data to build a complete understanding on individual shopper journeys, to help with better segmenting and targeting
ComeBy increases in-store conversions by giving you complete insights into shoppers pre-checkout, so you can optimize in-store sales, merchandising, marketing, and store layouts.

How it works



Natural for shoppers

ComeBy is a web-based pocket retail assistant that provides contextual answers to shoppers


Got questions? Shopper scans any QR code OR barcode in the store using their phones

Pick question

Shopper picks a relevant question, or chats with a virtual assistant if a staff is not present

Get contextual answers

Shopper gets answers that’s contextual to where they are in the store and what they’re looking at
Using a network of QR codes throughout the store, shoppers can get specific information like stock availability, sizing, filtering by needs or budget, save to wish list, or chat with a virtual sales assistant

Our integration process

We integrate with your existing infrastructure

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